Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Everyday... go ahead and do it everyday


                                                                  Laugh loud
Hug tight
Kiss slowly
Admire the beauty
Listen carefully
Speak wisely
Touch lightly
Caress a face
Hear a melody
Sing out loud
Flirt a little
Walk sexy
Smile gracefully
Cry for happiness
Dream the impossible
Love profoundly
                     Tere Rodriguez-Nora


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My book, En busca de la paz (In search of peace)

André, a very curious little boy, is in search of an answer to the question What is peace? What is it made of ? What does it feel like? 
The answers come to him in a dream in which his grandfather appears and teaches him that peace is wonderful and can be experienced when feeling secure, safe, and protected. 

This is my second published book. It is called En busca de la Paz. That means In search of peace.
I wrote this book after my younger son asked me about the September 11 attacks. He wanted to know about peace and how he could feel it. My explanation to him is carry on the message of the book.

You can get your book in Amazon. Link is showed above