Thursday, July 4, 2019

Are you a believer?

Do you believe tomorrow might be a better day
Do you believe in humanity
Do you believe there’re more good people than bad ones
Do you believe a smile 
from a stranger can make your day better
Do you believe in love even when you had a bad experience 
Do you believe in the human spirit 
Do you believe in the kid that struggles today academically 
Do you believe that spending time in nature is a wonderful thing
Do you believe in lazy Sundays at home with your loved one
Do you believe that laughter can be contagious
Do you believe in the awesomeness of a sunset 
Do you believe in the immensity of the black sky full of stars
Do you believe that love at first sight 
       Do you believe that life struggles won't last forever
Do you believe in hope 
         Do you believe hugs are  powerful 
      Do you believe a kiss can turn your life upside down             
    Do you believe you are unique
     Do you believe in yourself 

                                             Tere Rodriguez-Nora


Friday, May 3, 2019

Quotes about life and...

Sharing some of the quotes I have written lately.
I'm sure you can relate to some of them.
Hope you'll enjoy them
Take care, Tere

Monday, February 25, 2019

Life gave me a second chance...

Almost a year ago, I lived a near-death experience. It was the morning of May and I decided to get hash browns for breakfast before I went to work. I stopped at a convenience store of a gas station. I was there along with other customers. We all were minding our own businesses when a man made an entrance to the store. He was holding a woman, who was his wife, by her arm while he was screaming at her. She looked horrified. She looked like she was trying to get out of his side. She was crying. Then, he grabbed a gun he had in his pants and was pointing it at her...
Long story short, all the customers, employees, and I were kept there for about 3 hours. We couldn't get out because the man will point at us with the gun and he was standing by the doors. One of the customers tried doing so and he was shot. He shot this man and his wife. Both of them ended dead.
Police came by the side door and shot the guy...

Me, while everything was happening... couldn't believe I was going through that experience, I only wanted hash browns. You know what people say about you having a mental movie in your head of all your life when you are experiencing something like this, yes, that happened to me. All my life went through my mind. My present life too. My future... I remember thinking that I wanted to do and experience a lot of things, I didn't want to die.
 I was there with children, young and older women, young and older men, people from different backgrounds and social status, with different ethnics and we all were feeling the same: terror. You could see the terror in their eyes, as I am sure they could see it in mine.
But life is generous and gave me a second chance to live. I came out of there alive. Alive and without a scratch. My heart was all shattered, but still alive. Every morning when I wake up, I give thanks for a new day and for my second chance to live. It hasn't been easy dealing with the aftermath of the experience but I'm a strong person and I have had good people beside me. There are days that I remember what happen and nightmares come at night, the day seems to be very heavy, and tears might come down but then I remember that I'm here alive, that life has given me a second chance... and intend to make the best of it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Quotes about her...


Here are some of the quotes I have written about her... that woman... that could be you, your sister, your friend, a co-worker, a stranger...

Hope you like them!

Take care, Tere

Friday, January 25, 2019

Review of the beautiful book: Teach Us Your Name

The book, Teach Us Your Name is a lovely, illustrated book who teaches, in a meaningful way, how kids can teach others how to say their names correctly. The main character of the story is a girl named Kareemalayaseenadeen. Kareemalayaseenadeen does not like her name. She does not like that others can't pronounce it correctly, thinks is too long. On a trip to see her grandma, the girl talked, with her grandma, about how she felt regarding her name. Her grandma told her that her name had a beautiful meaning and that she should be proud to have it, The grandma also told Kareemalayaseenadeen that most likely other persons couldn't say her name correctly because they didn't know how to pronounce it and encouraged her to teach others how to pronounce her name correctly. The girl loved the idea that her grandma told her and when she got back home, she did just that... teach others how to pronounce her name the right way. The girl grew up and became a teacher, and every year at the beginning of the school year, Kareemalayaseenadeen takes time and encourage her students to teach others how to pronounce their name correctly.
This book touched me personally. As a Latina, I have had trouble with people trying to pronounce my name in the correct way. Is sometimes frustrated to see how people mispronounce it. I like Kareemalayaseenadeen, also take the time to teach others how to pronounce Tere, my name, correctly.
This is a great book to help children understand that every name is beautiful and that is perfectly fine to teach others how to pronounce it right and that others will appreciate learning the correct way of saying it.

Huda Essa is the author of this book. She is a TED Speaker and Consultant. She focuses her work on building empathy and engaging in equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.
Diana Cojocaru is the illustrator of this beautiful book. She is a freelance illustrator.


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Sunday, November 18, 2018

30 reasons I’m thankful for...

1. being alive. 
2. breathing every day. 
3. the chance to see the sun every morning. 
4. my two sons and all the experiences I have lived with them. 
5. my parents and their love and teachings
6. all the experiences I have lived (good and bad ones). 
7. those people that love me no matter what. 
8. being able to make some kind of difference in people through my work. 
9. listening to a beautiful song. 
10. admiring the immensity of the night sky. 
11. smelling the scent of the rain when it’s approaching. 
12. feeling my dog’s fur while I caressed her. 
13. having a new chance to live after having a nearly death experience. 
14. my friends who chose me to be part of their lives. 
15. my writing because it lets me express myself and share my feelings with the world. 
16. my life before my divorce because it taught me how to be strong. 
17. the special needs child I tutor because he taught me how simple is to love. 
18. special moments lived with special people
19. the music which I dance to. 
20. laughing every day, even in my sorrow. 
21. the tears I have shed. 
22. the strangers I see every day that share with me their smile. 
23. all those people that aren’t part of my life anymore because, from them, I have learned a lesson. 
24. getting safe back home every day
25. the day that isn’t going well because makes me appreciate the good ones. 
26. those moments I have failed because helped me grow as a person. 
27. the days I doubt myself a little because it made me believe in myself more. 
28. being loved, understood, and respected. 
29. loving with all my heart. 
30. just opening my eyes every morning because I have one more day to live. 

Take care and be thankful, Tere