Wednesday, October 3, 2018

To the man who said I couldn’t be or accomplished anything... on the Domestic Violence Awareness month 

October is the National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I want to say some things to that man that told me many, many, many times that I was nothing and that I couldn’t or wouldn’t be or accomplished anything.
You, the one that thought I couldn’t do anything, couldn’t be someone. Even more, you, the one that made me believe I couldn’t achieve anything...
Here I am, almost 6 years later after I ended our relationship and I have achieved way more than you can imagine. I am a woman with multiple roles in my life. Roles that I embrace every single day:
    I am a mother, a single one, who for the past 6 years (without counting all the ones before) has been a mom and a dad, loving and caring my sons.
    I am a published author with 3 published books and an award. Ha, and you thought that no one will publish my books.
    I am a mental health therapist and to think that you told me that I will never graduate from my masters.
    I am a teacher who tutors kids and love interacting and teaching them. Funny, you said I was too shy to do that kind of thing.
    I am a daughter who loves and takes care of their parents even on the distance, and you said I was a bad daughter because I was leaving them.
    I am a good friend to my friends who appreciate having me in their life. Yes, I have friends who I see whenever I want.
    I am a woman in love with my body. I’m not too fat for the view of anyone.
    I am a woman confident of my sexuality, no despise involved or wondering if I am woman enough.
    I am a woman who can awaken beautiful feelings of a man towards her. Yes, is not like you said: "If it's not me, no one can."
    I am a smart woman who can handle different roles, who can have intelligent conversations, and who likes to learn every day. I'm not dumb or stupid.
    I am a woman with a good sense of humor who likes to see life from the bright side and love to laugh. (I’m thankful that even with the worst things I lived beside you; you never took my smile or laughter away).
Even more, I am a happy, amazing, confident, smart, funny, caring, good-hearted woman who tries to live her life to the fullest, wearing a smile on her face every day, and is thankful for all that she is today.

I am way more of what you thought I would be. And you know what? There’s way more to come.
Stay tuned...

Take care, Tere

Friday, August 24, 2018

Reflection of one more year living...

This is a special month for me; it’s the month of my birthday. My special day is on the 20th. As part of my celebrations, I’m writing about what I have learned in this past year. I had different experiences, some good ones, others scary ones, and a lot of special moments. From all of them, I have learned something.

 I have learned...

That even when you don’t receive the same kind of love from someone,
your love it’s not ever wasted.
To say no and not feel guilty about it.
That, sadly, sometimes friendships are questionable but, also, that sometimes friends can be more of a family than your own one.
To be thankful for what I have and not have.
To be grateful for those who care for me in special ways.
To admire even more my parents in their role as grandparents.
To be more than grateful when you get one more chance to live.
That's never too late to get your dream job.
That in order to be creative, one must create (in my case, writing) every single day.
To say what you feel and never regret doing it.
That actions really speak more than words.
That there are not better smells than the smell of the rain and of the sea breeze.
That you can learn a lot from a disabled kid.
That the most beautiful smiles come from the heart.
That there’s no a better way to laugh than when you do it out loud and don’t mind that someone is watching you.
To dance, dance, dance anytime you feel like it, with or without music.
That sometimes people need to fail real bad in order to learn a lesson.
That there’s great joy in teaching others.
To be grateful to others even for the smallest gesture.
To care for others from your heart.
That even though you have deep scars in your heart, you can continue living.
To don’t be scared to love, even if you think the outcome won’t be the one you wish will be.
To love, laugh, and be thankful every day.
                                                                     Tere Rodriguez-Nora

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A little more of my quotes... 

Here are some of the quotes I have written lately. I’m sure you’ll feel connected to more than one.

Take care, Tere

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I am ME!

I am the voice to be heard
I am the book that will be written
I am the moonlight that shines on a lake 
I am the song to be singing 
I am the music to be dancing 
I am those vibrant colors that match the countryside 
I am those lights that twinkle in the sky 
I am that kid who plays without worries 
I am the come and go of the waves in the vibrant blue sea 
I am like those different tones of orange that paint the sky in a beautiful sunset 
I am the fresh scent of the rain when it touches the ground
I am that giggle of a couple in love 
I am that look a mom gives her child 
I am whatever I want to be
I am ME
                                               Tere Rodriguez-Nora

Sunday, July 29, 2018

She got flowers... history of domestic violence 

Every day a lot of women suffer abuse from their partner. Physical, emotional, verbal are some of the abuse they have to deal with. Sometimes, people judge why these women stay in these relationships... why they don’t leave, why they keep tolerating that behavior. It’s simple to give an opinion from the outside, but until you don’t live that type of relationship you don’t how it goes. You don’t know how many demons these women have to battle every day. And by demons, I’m not referring only the ones from their partner but, also, the ones of their own. I think is better to stop blaming these women for staying in the relationship and start asking why their partner have to treat them that way.
I’m sharing with you a poem written by Paulette Kelly where she gives battered women the voice they need.
Take care, Tere

Monday, July 9, 2018

I have learned...

I have learned to be humble when success cover me
I have learned to keep my feet on the ground even though I have my head on the moon.
I have learned to be grateful even in the worst of times
I have learned to love myself when others harmed me
I have learned to smile when tears are inside my soul
I have learned to say thank you even to the smallest gesture
I have learned to wipe my tears 
while struggling through difficult times
I have learned to be strong when all I want is to collapse
I have learned to keep going because tomorrow is a brand new day 
                                                                                                                                                            Tere Rodriguez-Nora

Take care, Tere

Monday, June 4, 2018

Make your life a beautiful journey... every day 

Every day is a brand new day full of opportunities and new experiences. Don’t forget to try to live your life to the fullest and to incorporate into your life those tiny things that will make your life a beautiful journey...

Laugh out loud
Hug tight
Admire the beauty
Kiss slowly
Listen carefully
Treat others with kindness
Touch lightly
Hum to a melody
Speak wisely
Caress a face
Dance anytime

Flirt a little
Sing lustily
Walk sexy
Feel the emotions
Smile gracefully
Cry for happiness
Dream the impossible
Love profoundly
                                                                 Tere Rodriguez-Nora