Thursday, September 4, 2014


Do you have a sister?
I have one. She is my baby sister and I adore her.

Those who have a sister know the kind of love, complicity, and friendship they share.

A sister is more than family. She is a friend, a friend that will always stick to you no matter what. 

She is the one that have seen you at your worst and on your best and never judge. She will defend you to others even if you’re wrong. I know my sister will…

A sister is a teacher, a defense attorney, a personal press agent and fashion designer, and even your shrink.
She is a midnight companion, a can’t stop laughing buddy. She will be there for long talks, and to borrow your clothes (yes, even used them for the first time). 

A sister will always be there for you, even if you can't be there for her. She will forgive you when you hurt her and will, occasionally, bite her tongue when she could easily have said “I told you so”. Well, mine would say it. Right, Meli?

A sister is a special part of you, a part that will always be there until the end.

My sister is all the above and more. 

She is this special person that is really connected to me. We can look at each other and say a lot of things just with the eyes. 

I know she stand up for me and lie down beside me.

Cherish your sister, if you have one.
I do treasure mine!!!!

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