Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review of the beautiful book Grandma's Treasure/El tesoro de la abuela

Grandma's Treasure or El tesoro de la abuela in Spanish. 

The author of this book is Maritza M. Mejías. Maritza is an Award-Winning Author of the Crystal Apple Award(2006),the Virtue Christian Award(2015) and the International Latino Books Award(2016). Her published work includes: Hazel Eyes(2010),Vanilla and Chocolate(2012), Grandma's Treasure(2014),Poems,Thoughts and More(2015)and Ojos Avellana(2016). Maritza was born in Colombia. She likes to write in both English and Spanish. She writes to inspire people be better human beings. As said by her own words:"I write to inspire others to be good."


Lovely book of beautiful and simple illustrations, written in English and Spanish; that teaches us a good lesson: to value what we have and the importance of being thankful for it. All begins when the grandmother, when she noticed that her grand kids where arguing over some toys, left the room a little sad and angry. When the grandchildren find her, she shows them a box where she kept some things, only three. They were the things she most cherishes. She explains to them what each one represented. It is so that she teaches them that it is not important what one has but what that represents. An important lesson to learn: be grateful of what you have.

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