Friday, June 23, 2017

I miss you and I haven't even met you

I miss you and I haven't even met you. Those exact words he told me and I think they are the most romantic words I have ever heard.
Met him through online dating few months ago. He appeared in my search and I immediately felt attracted to him. Don't know why, but it was more than an attraction, it was like I knew him already in a very personal way. I loved his profile pic, look very handsome.

I contacted him and he replied. We messaged back and forth a lot. We started getting to know each other. It was amazing. We had so much in common!

We connected from the beginning. He made me laughed a lot. I love it. I made him laugh too. I really liked when I did it. We talked about each other's life: likes, dislikes, what we like to do for fun, etc.  I love that he was interested in me being a writer. He even asked about my published books. That was awesome. Being a writer and author is one of the parts of me that I treasure a lot and to someone be genuinely interested in it, makes that person special.

Then one day, we kinda lost contact. He wanted to be that way. He later told me he was starting to have feelings towards me so he decided to stop talking to me. Some weeks ago, we reconnected again. I was glad because I had missed him. He told me he couldn't stop thinking about me. I'm sure you know how I felt, right. We started messaging each other again, felt the connection again but...

Online dating can be amazing because it opens you to a whole new opportunity to meet people that maybe you won't meet in the conventional way. But online dating can be also a little a rough play too. And in this case, it was a little rough for me. He lives in California and I live in Florida.

Yeah, tough luck, right.

You will say, easy take a plane and go to meet each other. Turns out he can't and I'm a little short of money so. I feel that he doesn't want to meet more than he can't. I think he's afraid that we really click in person and then what will happen. You know, being each other so far. Every time we talked about how we wish we could meet and he says he can't, that's he's sorry, I feel sad. I don't know why. I just do.  For my part, I wish I could meet him and look into his eyes (Would love to do it!). Maybe you think I'm crazy and perhaps I am but I think that if I look into his eyes I will find the one.

I have to give up of what I feel. He's still on the site, looking for someone to be near him, of course. He met a lady on it and told me the other day he was going to meet her in person. It hit me. Ha-ha,yes, it did. You know that thing you feel on your inside...

Well, I can't do anything, I'm far away.
Still, I wish him luck and that he finds the one who will make him happy.

I'm the person who believes that things happens for a reason. He appeared in my search, we clicked, kind of grew something between us even with us being apart. I really wish if it can't happen now or in this life, we connect in another life because I know for sure we will be the best lovers of all times.

I miss you and I haven't even met you...

Take care,

What do you think I sould do?

Let me know if you have felt like this before. Share your experience with me. I'll be glad to hear it.

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