Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The year 2017 and I (what it taught me)

We are almost saying goodbye to the year 2017. I can't believe it's almost over...time really flies. I'm sure everyone has had different life experiences happening through the whole year. I wasn't an exception, I had an interesting and, in some way, a peculiar year.

Let me share with you some of the experiences I lived this year: I started the year (February) with one of my sons having a legal problem (falsely accused). He was arrested and transferred to jail. Difficult times dealing with it, I visited him in jail and saw him in that orange uniform and with handcuffed. Thankfully he's out and next month is his last follow up hearing where his case will be closed and he will be without any records on his name.

Also as part of this year experiences, I started two new part-time jobs that I love, tutoring teacher and after-school Spanish teacher. Another of my experiences was hurricane Irma in Orlando, even though I had experienced hurricanes before; this one was kind of scary for me. Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on Sept. 20th (my B-day) leaving my island devastated. This touched my heart in an unexpected way, seeing how all of the Puerto Ricans: family, friends, acquaintances, were suffering and not be able to do anything. This hurricane also touched my professional life, one of my books was going to be published in English but since my publishing company does not have power nor internet yet, that couldn't happen. By the beginning of December, I had my identity stolen and my banks' accounts cleaned (no money). Yayy, great for me! This experience was one of a kind and a hard one to deal with. Lastly, I had to spend Christmas day alone this year. Cheerful, right?

But, as people say, from every situation we learn something...

What I learned from the year 2017?
I learned that is hard sometimes being a parent but still is the most rewarding role I have as a person. I also learned that I have the most amazing friends, who supported me through all of my son's entire situation without judging anything, stood by my side every time I felt I was falling, and lend me a shoulder where I could cry on. This year also taught me that the good ones are way more. I saw it in some people of the justice system as well as in the people that got together and help in different ways the people of my beautiful island, Puerto Rico, after the hurricane. Words can’t express the gratitude I have for those that helped and the ones whio continue doing it. This year, I also learned that even though I had to spend the Christmas day by myself and didn't receive any present; it's not so bad. I got to see a lot of Christmas movies (which I love) and stayed in my pajamas and ate the whole day. The experience of starting the two part-time jobs this year taught me a side of me I didn't know I had, of being a teacher, and I love it. This year also brought me more writing. I've been posting a quote every day, writing more on this blog and on some children's' short stories as well as in an adult book I'm working.  Furthermore, this year taught me that one can meet amazing people in unimaginable places or situations. Finally, this year has been the year of enjoying more my life as it is, trying to live the moment and to always see the positive things, even though I'm dealing with rough times.

I've been through a lot of different and unexpected experiences throughout this year, but I'm grateful for each and every one of them.

Next year (2018)...I will continue my journey. I will keep trying as long as I open my eyes every morning...nothing will stop me.

What did you learn from 2017? Share it wit me!!

Salud to a blessed new year!!
Take care, Tere


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