Thursday, February 1, 2018

To be a parent is...

To be a parent is...

to attempt for the first time
to play by ear
to fail a lot of times
to cry of joy
to love every moment of it
to care without limits
to cry of sorrow
to learn to let go
to be grateful
to be immensely joyous
to forgive
to suffer when your kids do
to try and make mistakes
to sometimes expect the unexpected
to ask for forgiveness
to have many endless nights without sleep
to celebrate every tiny success
to wipe a lot of tears
to talk limitless about your kids
to be there when they need you
to know it all
to know nothing
to be a teacher, a nurse, a driver, a coach, a friend, a role model
to walk with them every step of the way
to laugh hysterically
to love unconditionally 
to know that they are not yours, just part of you

                                                                                                  Tere Rodriguez-Nora

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