Monday, May 7, 2018

Blessed in the most unexpected way... my experience with an autistic student. 

I'm pretty sure that sometimes you have thought of the blessings you have had or have in your life. Perhaps you think that you haven't been blessed as much as you should be or you compare your blessings to others’ Then life makes sure to take you through unexpected paths. Paths that make you think...

I have lived a blessed life. I had a great childhood and teen's years. I have two sons that are good-hearted men. I come from a family where we share love and care for each other. I have amazing friends who have been there for me always. I'm in good health, both physically and mentally. So, as you can see, I’m blessed.

Recently life decided to bless me in a different way. I started tutoring a kid with advanced autism. I've never worked with a student with autism before and when I was asked to do it, I won't lie; I was very nervous and stressful. But, I did it. I’ve been working with him for three weeks now and it has been a ride that I’ve been enjoying a lot.

He and I made a connection. I was afraid that didn’t happen but, it did and easily. He's happy to see me. I know it not only because he looked happy but because he said it with words. He works hard on his assignments and completes every task. He has shared with me his most beautiful smiles... and what an awesome feeling it is to see him smiling.
 Every Tuesday and Thursday this kid waits for me to be there and tutor him. Every Tuesday and Thursday I can't wait to be there for him.

His presence in my life has shown me another view of life, his view. A unique view where life is not that complicated and where you can be happy with the smallest things, with the smallest gesture of love.
Knowing and tutoring this kid... that is a true blessing!

Take care, Tere

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