Friday, August 24, 2018

Reflection of one more year living...

This is a special month for me; it’s the month of my birthday. My special day is on the 20th. As part of my celebrations, I’m writing about what I have learned in this past year. I had different experiences, some good ones, other scary ones, and a lot of special moments. From all of them, I have learned something.

 I have learned...

That even when you don’t receive the same kind of love from someone,
your love it’s not ever wasted.

To say no and not feel guilty about it.
That, sadly, sometimes friendships are questionable but, also, that sometimes friends can be more of a family than your own one.
To be thankful for what I have and not have.
To be grateful for those who care for me in special ways.
To admire even more my parents in their role as grandparents.
To be more than grateful when you get one more chance to live.
That's never too late to get your dream job.
That in order to be creative, one must create (in my case, writing) every single day.
To say what you feel and never regret doing it.
That actions really speak more than words.
That there are not better smells than the smell of the rain and the sea breeze.
That you can learn a lot from a disabled kid.
That the most beautiful smiles come from the heart.
That there’s no better way to laugh than when you do it out loud and to don’t minding that someone is looking at you.
To dance, dance, dance anytime you feel like it, with or without music.
That sometimes people need to fail real bad in order to learn a lesson.
That there’s great joy in teaching others.
To be grateful to others even for the smallest gesture.
To care for others from your heart.
That even though you have deep scars in your heart, you can continue living and loving. 
To don’t be scared to love, even if you think the outcome won’t be the one you wish will be.
To love, laugh, and be thankful every day.

   Tere Rodriguez-Nora

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