Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Random Notes of anything and everything

Hi!! I like to introduce to you my new blog Random Notes. Random Notes is a blog in which I am going to write about anything and everything. So, I'm going to start with me.
I'm a single mom that is in  the 40's. I have two sons. They are big enough. I earned a masters in School Counseling. I am a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) without a job in this area. So my profession is School Counselor but my job is as an Educational Representative for a publishing house. I bet a lot of you guys are like me, studied something and have a job in whatever. This sucks because even though you may like your job, it's your profession that calls you. But, well.
Ah, I am also a writer. This part, I love to do. I write children short stories and also have a blog call School Counselor and Math Anxiety (check it out -
Why I am writing this blog? Well, I wanted to write about the daily stuff that happens and you can relate. For example, you have to know a person, a friend, a co worker or a family member that whenever you talk about something, he or any member of his family has been thru the same. You know always has something to say. And you are like really? You talked about how your dog rolls over when you show her a piece of cheese and he will tell you that his dog rolls over every time he saw his food. Or you talk about how you have an ache in your lower back and he/she has one for almost a month. You can never say something, never, without him/her telling you almost immediately that he has the same and worse.
Tell me, you know someone like that? 
Well, this blog is going to be about what normal stuff happens to all of us and a way for me to express myself and write
Hope you enjoy it!!


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