Sunday, July 13, 2014

Love or obsession

Love. What is love? What is that thing that so many singers sing about and so many poets write about. That thing that make you have "butterflies" in your stomach or make stupid things for the love one. That thing that makes a mother or a father feel so proud of their children or a friend feel so "tune" with a friend.
If we look for a definition we can find that love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. A profoundly affection for another person...but how profoundly it can be to become an obsession? It's there a such thing like too much love?
There are different kinds of love. There is the love one has for a mother or a father; the love for a son or a daughter;the love for a friend; the love for a lover, a companion; a love for a husband or wife... 
Sure love is beautiful. And don't take my wrong, I love and I am being loved. But I also noticed that sometimes there is too much love or this love is out of proportion.

How much love is an obsession?
Well I have two reasons  that make me believe that love, sometimes, can become an obsession.

For example, can a mother be obsessed with her child? In my opinion, yes. A mother can "love" so much her child that she can alienate him/her. She can make him (I am using him but it can be her too) believe what she can. She can make him think what she wants him to think. 
If you have a hard time believing it just hear the song Mother by Pink Floyd
Some of the lyric goes like this:  Hush now baby, baby don't you cry
                                             Mama's gonna make all of your
                                                Nightmares come true
                                             Mama's gonna put all of her fears into you
                                                Mama's gonna keep you right here
                                             Under her wing
                                                she won't let you fly but she might let you sing
                                             Mama will keep baby cosy and warm...

                                          ...Mother do think she's good enough for me
                                                 Mother do think she's dangerous to me
                                             Mother will she tear your little boy apart
                                                 Oooh aah, mother will she break my heart
                                             Hush now baby, baby don't you cry
                                                  Mama's gonna check out all your girl friends for you
                                             Mama won't let anyone dirty get through
                                                  Mama's gonna wait up till you get in
                                             Mama will always find out where
                                                  You've been
                                              Mamma's gonna keep baby healthy and clean
                                                  Ooooh Babe Ooooh Babe Ooooh Babe
                                              You'll always be a baby to me  

Sure can a mother be like that. My experience told me so.

In another type of love, man and woman. How much love is an obsession? 
-"I love you"- so he said. -"You are my everything" - he continued.
My everything?? Do you really want to be the everything of someone? Sure it sounds beautiful and will pop up your ego but... 
Just be careful. Love can become "too much love", an obsession and could suffocate you.
Just ask some of the women that have been in an abusive relationship...

In Spanish there is a saying "Hay amores que matan". In English it will be "There are loves that kills".

LOVE and do it with all your heart just be careful with the kind of love that may kill you.



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