Thursday, October 26, 2017

Award winning children’s books author


As you all might know, I’m a children’s books author. Writing is my passion, I love doing it. I first started writing when I was in high school then stopped for a while and resumed it sometime later in the year 2000. When I started again to write I wanted to do a story about my dad’s hometown but when I sat down to write, a children’s short story was what I wrote. That short story became my first published book. I have published three children’s books and some other short stories on textbooks.

These are my babies, my published books: Kikiwi y los desperdicios en el fondo del mar, En busca de la paz, and Las estrellas de los Reyes Magos. Below you’ll find a short synopsis of each book.

Kikiwi y los desperdicios en el fondo del mar is about a happy little fish in the Caribbean Sea, loves to swim through the dense algae and play around the colorful corals in the company of his marine friends. Kikiwi finds it hard to tolerate the junk that pollutes the sea so together with his friends and the help of some children, Kikiwi finds a way to maintain the beach and keep the sea clean. With lovable characters and beautiful illustrations, this underwater story demonstrates the importance of caring for the environment.

En busca de la paz is about a boy named Andre, a very curious little boy, that is in search of an answer to the question What is peace? What is it made of? What does it feel like? The answers come to him in a dream in which his grandfather appears and teaches him that peace is wonderful and can be experienced when feeling secure, safe, and protected.

Las estrellas de los Reyes Magos is a beautiful Christmas story about the Latino, traditional celebration of the Three Kings day and how a boy and his grandpa celebrate it...It was a beautiful night. The sky was clear and full of stars. Benjamin could distinguish three in particular that twinkled more than the others. With the help of his grandfather, Benjamin discovers the magical story behind these stars and the tradition of the Day of the Three Kings. This title was selected as an award-winning book in the 18th Annual International Latino Book Awards (2016) in the category "Best Latino Focused Children’s Picture Book – Spanish".

My books are in Spanish but I’m sure you know someone who knows the language and would love to read them. The books can be found on Amazon, my Facebook author page or emailing me at

Take care, Tere

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