Saturday, October 7, 2017

Thank you!! 

Boquerón PR

Thank you sometimes is such a small way to say how much you appreciate someone for doing something for you or for the one you love. This time it's my way to tell you how much it means to me all the kindness you all have shown towards me, my loved ones in Puerto Rico and all the people on the island.
Thank you all for helping my fellow brothers and sisters in my beautiful island...
Thank you for that dollar you donate, for all the provisions you dropped at the relief event, for that package of water you bought for them, for every time you share a post, for all those prayers you said, for reaching out to me asking if my family and loved ones were well.
I firmly believe that the good ones are more than the bad ones and watching in the news and in social media, all this response towards Puerto Rico has confirmed it.

Once again, thank you! ¡Gracias! Many blessings!!  ❤️
Take care, Tere
Sunset in Puerto Rico

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