Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I’m thankful...

 for that smile that a stranger gave
 me unexpectedly 
 for the rain that wet my feet on my way
 to work yesterday
  for the ray of sunshine that blinded my eyes 
when I was walking 
 for the singing of the bird that woke me up this morning when I wanted to sleep more  
for that difference in opinion, I had with my 
friend that made me appreciate her more 
 for the times my parents didn’t let me do what 
I wanted because it wasn’t good for me 
for all those people that aren’t part of my life
anymore because, from them, I have learned a lesson 
 for that bad experience I had because it
 helped me be a better person 
 for the day that isn’t going well because 
make me appreciate the good ones
 for those moments I felt a failure because
 it helped me grow as a person  
for the days I doubt myself a little because it
made me believe in myself more  
for the good news, I saw on TV because 
it gave me hope in humanity  
for those words my teacher told me when
 I thought I couldn’t make it  
for that moment I didn’t like myself because it
 made me appreciate myself more  
for that tear turned into a smile because made
 me believe in better days to come 
 for just opening my eyes this morning because
 I have one more day to live 

                                                                 Tere Rodriguez-Nora

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