Sunday, July 29, 2018

She got flowers... history of domestic violence 

Every day a lot of women suffer abuse from their partner. Physical, emotional, verbal are some of the abuse they have to deal with. Sometimes, people judge why these women stay in these relationships... why they don’t leave, why they keep tolerating that behavior. It’s simple to give an opinion from the outside, but until you don’t live that type of relationship you don’t how it goes. You don’t know how many demons these women have to battle every day. And by demons, I’m not referring only the ones from their partner but, also, the ones of their own. I think is better to stop blaming these women for staying in the relationship and start asking why their partner have to treat them that way.
I’m sharing with you a poem written by Paulette Kelly where she gives battered women the voice they need.
Take care, Tere

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