Sunday, November 18, 2018

30 reasons I’m thankful for...

1. being alive. 
2. breathing every day. 
3. the chance to see the sun every morning. 
4. my two sons and all the experiences I have lived with them. 
5. my parents and their love and teachings
6. all the experiences I have lived (good and bad ones). 
7. those people that love me no matter what. 
8. being able to make some kind of difference in people through my work. 
9. listening to a beautiful song. 
10. admiring the immensity of the night sky. 
11. smelling the scent of the rain when it’s approaching. 
12. feeling my dog’s fur while I caressed her. 
13. having a new chance to live after having a nearly death experience. 
14. my friends who chose me to be part of their lives. 
15. my writing because it lets me express myself and share my feelings with the world. 
16. my life before my divorce because it taught me how to be strong. 
17. the special needs child I tutor because he taught me how simple is to love. 
18. special moments lived with special people
19. the music which I dance to. 
20. laughing every day, even in my sorrow. 
21. the tears I have shed. 
22. the strangers I see every day that share with me their smile. 
23. all those people that aren’t part of my life anymore because, from them, I have learned a lesson. 
24. getting safe back home every day
25. the day that isn’t going well because makes me appreciate the good ones. 
26. those moments I have failed because helped me grow as a person. 
27. the days I doubt myself a little because it made me believe in myself more. 
28. being loved, understood, and respected. 
29. loving with all my heart. 
30. just opening my eyes every morning because I have one more day to live. 

Take care and be thankful, Tere

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