Thursday, September 14, 2017

Which is the right one for you?...That's the one!

  The one who's happy to wake up next to you every morning
The one that makes you laugh hysterically
The one that gets excited every time he sees you
The one that makes you cry of happiness not of sorrow
        The one that with every kiss is telling you that you are right for him
          The one that always makes time for you

The one that shows you with a smile that 
                 he's happy to see you
The one that gives you those butterflies feeling
              every time he messaged you
The one that shows how he feels with actions, 
                     not with words
The one that with every hug is letting you know
                    that you’re home
The one that misses being around you
The one that doesn't have to say I love you because 
           you feel it when he cares for you
That's the ONE!
                                           Tere Rodriguez-Nora


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