Sunday, September 17, 2017

Introspection of my 48 years of living 

My birthday is this week. I'm turning 48 years old, yes, only two more and I'm 50.

Scared? Nah! I'm just starting to live.

But being near 50 has made me introspected about my life.

The following is what I concluded about what I have learned and gained in my 48 years of living:
  • Difficult times will come but they don't last a lifetime 
  • Stay positive, even when what you are going through is hard as hell. 
  • Don't regret your mistakes because from all of them you have learned something 
  • Know that with every sunrise comes a brand new day. 
  • Treat yourself as a priority. 
  • Don't be the spare of anyone, be their priority. They are the ones who lose if they don't treat you as one. 
  • Show love, gratitude 
  • Life is not easy. It's like a roller coaster, but it's the kind that you don't want to stop riding. 
  • Show the ones that you love that you care, not only with words but especially with actions. 
  • Love your children with all your heart but know that, eventually, they will have to live their life by themselves and that you shouldn't try to live their lives through yours. They need to fail, they need to cry, and they need to have troubles in order to grow, to learn, and to be better persons.
  • Be patient, it's a great virtue. 
  • Learn as much you can. It doesn't matter if you do it by going to schools, colleges, or by yourself as long as you do it. 
  • Share your life with your loved ones and tell and demonstrate your love for them always. 
  • Don't spend too much time worrying, that time will never come back. 
  • Wear a smile every day. 
  • Honesty takes you a long way. 
  • Know that life is fragile; try to live it as better as you can. 
  • Embrace your passion. Passion is what's going to make your life roll. 
  • Don't mind what others think about you, it's your life, not theirs. 
  • Be humble 
  • Cherish your friends. They are the family that you choose. I sure have good ones and I love and am grateful for them every day. 
  • Talk and visit your parents often, they need you as much as you needed them. 
  • Believe that you are beautiful in every stage of your life. 
  • Work and be proud of what you do but don't forget to work for a living and not living for work. 
  • Go out, have fun 
  • Be caring and warm to others 
  • Protect the environment. This magnificent place called Earth is the only home we have.
  • Listen to music and dance anytime and in any place, you feel like it. 
  • Know that you will fall and have failures but also that you will raise up again and what have you learned from it will make you stronger. 
  • Don't let anyone mistreat you, offend you with words or emotionally, no one that does this to you deserve your love and respect 
  • Fall in love again even if you have been hurt before. 
  • Laugh every day, do it hard and loud. 
  • Know that the love for you is the greatest kind of love. Love yourself with all your strengths but especially with all your weaknesses. You can't love anyone if you don't love yourself first. Embrace yourself! 
  • Be grateful for a sunny or a rainy day, for the singing of the birds, because someone opened a door for you, for the bad and the good days, for a day at the beach, for a tasty piece of cake, because things are not going as you expected, for reading a good book or writing a great story, for a tight hug, for tears of sadness, for times with friends and family, time with your love, for the laughter of your kids, for a sensual kiss, because someone holds your hand...
  • Be grateful every day because you are alive! 
Happy birthday to me!

Take care, Tere

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