Friday, September 8, 2017

I smiled

   I smiled even in my sorrow 
   I smiled to keep me going
   I smiled because it gave me strength
   I smiled because it helped me hide my real feelings
   I smiled even if I was crying
   I smiled to keep on trying.
   I smiled for my kids
   I smiled for my parents and siblings
   I smiled at my friends
   I smiled when my heart was aching
   I smiled when I felt lonely
   I smiled when I felt hopeless
   I smiled when I felt insecure
   I smiled when I felt I was nothing.
   I smiled because it gave me strength to change
   I smiled because I was done
   I smiled because I knew I deserved better
   Now, I smile because I deserve it 
    I smile because I don't have to take it anymore
    I smile because life has given me a second chance
    I smile because I want to

Tere Rodriguez-Nora

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